Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vacation Experiences

We just got home last week from a vacation in the Bahamas. One experience I doubt I will ever forget was frolicking with a three-hundred pound dolphin named Andy on Blue Lagoon Island. There were about eight people in the pool, including two small children. One of the tricks the trainer had taught Andy was to jump into the air, since we were only up to our waists in the water, and rest his head on our shoulder as we put our arms around the dolphin. Then Andy kissed us a few times. It was fun to see how differently each one reacted to this. Each of us also danced with Andy, petted him both on the back and the stomach, fed him fish and finally put our finger into his gigantic mouth to touch one of his teeth!

But the most memorable part of the vacation, was sitting out on the patio overlooking the rocks and the incredible blues of the Atlantic ocean, as the palm trees' fronds swayed in the Trade Winds. The light and color in the sky and water was so beautiful and so delicate. It reminded me of Provence, France made famous by such artists as Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso. Much has been written about how the light in Provence appeares so different and how painters have always seemed to find the light and tranquility there inspiring. Hundreds of painters still live and paint in Provence. The view from our patio was unique, reminding me of what had been said about the light of Provence. Every time I looked at the lovely scene before me it was like Paradise, I was filled with such joy, such unbelievable joy as I became enveloped in God’s creation.